Charnstrom stocks 90% of all products offered on our website. We can ship most orders in 48 hours after receipt of order. 


A long known phenomenon in our industry is that the mailroom is always the last thing completed on any given project.  There is always a rush and a certain degree of time pressure to deliver and install.  To help you be on time on any mailroom furniture, carts, or paper organizing project, Charnstrom can typically ship most orders in 48 hours.

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Open-back sorters double your mail center efficiency. With an open-back sorter two people can sort at once, one from each side to cut sorting time in half, also mailroom personnel can continue to sort while mail is picked-up from the other side without disruption. Our open-back sorters are available in a variety of sizes and depths to meet your needs or available space

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Be sure to see our website at www.charnstrom.com.


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Sorters on mobile carriages and tracks for compacting space can save up to 50% of your floor space.   You can dramatically increase sorting, document storage, or secure mailbox capacity at the same time.  The Charnstrom system allows for quick installation and easy shelf adjustment.  Shelves adjust on ½” increments.

Let Charnstrom maximize your mail sorting and document storage areas with our compacting mobile shelf systems.  A small or a large room, we put more in less space.  Call us at 1-800-328-2962 or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com.

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If you haven’t looked into your customers’ mail centers or office organizing needs you should!

Complete mail center and office organizing projects are anywhere from $7,000 – $30,000.   We can ship most orders in 48 hours.  We offer more solutions at a consistently greater value across all product lines. Charnstrom furniture still looks great after years of heavy use and our flexible design allows you to reconfigure and adapt a mailroom as needs continue to change.  Most importantly, we know mailrooms and we make it easy to do business with us.


How can we help you?  Our Free Design staff will help you present the most efficient mail center or office layout to your client with just a few basic questions answered.  We have years of experience in planning mail center work flow and office organizing.  We produce professional proposals and we do it fast (2-3 day turnaround).

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Call me to assist you on your next mailroom or office furniture opportunity.  We pay close attention to detail and we pride ourselves in providing the right solution for each mail handling and sorting application.  Small or large projects, we’ll help you get it right!


Todd Nelson

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Charnstrom specialty racks and sorters are designed for a variety of uses including package sorting or high volume pre-sort.  Charnstrom has totes in different colors and sizes to fit every requirement. USPS sized and larger totes for envelopes and packages and smaller totes for standard envelopes. These different sizes can be mixed in any of our tote racks. Color-code your sorting operation for greater speed and accuracy.  Charnstrom also offers standard and jumbo black bins with beveled front edge for easier viewing and retrieval. See our wide offering of static and mobile racks and carts to move and deliver mail and packages to the next operation.  Enhance your sorting operation today with these smart solutions from Charnstrom.  We’ll help you get it right!  Just call customer service or email your requirements to us at 1-800-328-2962 or  customerservice@charnstrom.com.

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On your next sales call – Think security and what are your customers doing to protect the sensitive  areas of their business.   Check out Charnstrom’s family of cell phone and tablet cabinets.
  • All welded steel construction
  • 2 keys per door
  • Wall mountable
  • 3 lock styles (key, combination, or thumb latch)
  • Rugged powder coat paint in neutral Grey color

Go to www.charnstrom.com to see all cabinets and other products.  Call us at 1-800-328-2962 or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com

image003You’re out there every day giving valued customers you’re very best.  Time can work against you when you’re multitasking and there is too much on your plate.  Trusted vendors with accurate and high speed response are the ones you turn to for consistent and reliable outcomes.

For over 50 years we’ve been providing high quality flexible solutions for office paper management and mailroom furniture.  We give you and your client unmatched value and selection.   Remember to ask about the mail center and other paper intensive areas.  We’ll help you gather the right information and we’ll design the most efficient mail handling system for your client.  Expertise and commitment to prompt response and service keeps our customers coming back.  Below is a sample of the 3D drawings we send out with every proposal when planning a mailroom for you.  Large or small, your first or your 50th mailroom design, Charnstrom will help you get it right!


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