image003You’re out there every day giving valued customers you’re very best.  Time can work against you when you’re multitasking and there is too much on your plate.  Trusted vendors with accurate and high speed response are the ones you turn to for consistent and reliable outcomes.

For over 50 years we’ve been providing high quality flexible solutions for office paper management and mailroom furniture.  We give you and your client unmatched value and selection.   Remember to ask about the mail center and other paper intensive areas.  We’ll help you gather the right information and we’ll design the most efficient mail handling system for your client.  Expertise and commitment to prompt response and service keeps our customers coming back.  Below is a sample of the 3D drawings we send out with every proposal when planning a mailroom for you.  Large or small, your first or your 50th mailroom design, Charnstrom will help you get it right!


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Charnstrom vertical pocket sorters are ideal for sorting and collating documents.  Featuring ½” adjustability, these dividers can be spaced close together to allow high density sorting of documents.  Whatever the task, these close divisions put hundreds of pockets within a few steps of the fulfillment clerks.  Vertical openings are ideal for large envelopes, magazines and periodicals, and X-rays.



image003Space in the mail center around and under sorters gives you full use of the work surface and can be used for clearance to outlets and other power sources and devices along the wall.  It’s important to have the right number of sorting pockets, but workers have to be able to handle and sort mail as well.  Where do we place mail and totes while we’re sorting the mail?  Space is always a premium, so we have to be smart about using what space we’re allotted.  Let our space planners’ help you get the right mix of openings and work space.  We’ve planned the workflow in thousands of mail centers.








Closed risers are attractive and give you an enclosure to contain mail.  However, when access of the wall is necessary, adjustable leg open risers allow just the right clearance for outlets, thermostats, etc.  We offer a high standard of flexibility and selection unmatched in our industry.  Consider Charnstrom on your next mailroom request – and let us help you get it right.  Call us today at 1-800-328-2962, or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com.  Be sure to see our website at www.charnstrom.com.



Charnstrom sit to stand electric tables offer reliable, fast, quiet, attractive, and affordable height adjust-ability.  Don’t pay for over-engineered systems with a big price tag.  Our sit to stand table is sleek and reliable and offers a 355lb. weight capacity.  This same personal workstation can also handle office equipment (copiers, postage machines, folder/inserters, etc.).  Our sit to stand comes standard with a control pad for up/down and 4 pre-set heights for multi-shift or multi-user applications.

Numerous studies have clearly documented the health dangers of sitting all day, as well as the significant improvement in energy, productivity, and employee satisfaction that come with using a sit to stand workstation.  Not to mention the ergonomic benefits of being able to change position and reducing the amount of repetitive motion.

Available in a dark grey finish with Oak, Walnut, or Grey solid core laminate tops.  Backed by a 7 year warranty.  Compare our value with all other major brands.  Let Charnstrom adjustable height workstations help you get it right!

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large Midwestern food retailer uses Charnstrom wood laminate sorters with steel shelves to complement the systems furniture decor in their offices.  These strategically placed mail drop stations allow mail to be delivered by the mailroom personnel and picked up by employees in common areas of the offices.  This way the company reduces labor costs by not having to deliver mail to each person’s desk.  Drop stations are a common method to increase the efficiency of mail delivery and pick up.  Outgoing mail supplies are also stored here for employee USPS, UPS, FedEx and courier services.


Charnstrom offers these sorters in many colors to complement your office furniture.  Let Charnstrom organizers and sorters complete your next project.  We will be happy to specify and draw your solution.  Call customer service at 1-800-328-2962


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When space is tight and you need a large capacity for document storage, Charnstrom Jumbo sorters are just the right solution.  For forms, literature, mail, collating materials, or any document you want to keep indexed at fingertips reach.  Shelf widths are 9-1/2”, 11-1/2”, or 14” wide; shelf depths are 12-1/4”, 15-1/4”, or 16-1/2” deep.  Opening sizes can be made bigger or smaller by adjusting the shelves on ½” increments.  Shelf labels enhance the ability to quickly identify and accurately retrieve and store often used materials.

Available in many sizes and we can custom design a system for your office or mailroom space.

Just call us at 1-800-328-2962 or email your requirements to customerservice@charnstrom.com.


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On or off the carpet, Charnstrom wood mailroom furniture matches any décor and offers a clean, attractive look to your office.  Ideal for remote drop stations, departmental mail, and satellite sorting, we will design your mail areas to your specifications.  Sorter shelves adjust on 1” increments and tables are available in several styles with drawers and/or doors.  Nine standard colors (see below) with custom laminates available upon request.

Just call us at 1-800-328-2962 or email your requirements to customerservice@charnstrom.com.


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