When space is at a premium and you have to find a way, Charnstrom large freestanding sorters put more pockets in less space.  Let our planners solve your space problem!  Our sorting system can be configured with horizontal shelves or vertical dividers to subdivide each sorter.  All shelves and dividers adjust on ½” increments.  Nobody but Charnstrom gives you this kind of flexibility.  Call us today to plan your space – our design service is free!

Call today or visit our website at www.charnstrom.com or call us at 1-800-328-2962. 

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You no longer have to design custom millwork for the mailroom or office.  When the need arises have Charnstrom design your specialized furniture spaces.  Whether you’re doing a complete mailroom or a single office organizer we have the solutions for you.  Available in many laminate color and patterns so you can match any decor’.  We have over 50 years of experiences designing smart and hard working furniture for our customers.  Contact us at 1-800-328-2962 or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com.

Our website now has a “Build your own sorter” configurator when you want to design sort stations for your mail center or drop stations at www.charnstrom.com.  Just choose the sorter and table size.  Then, with the click of your mouse you can fill in the desired number of shelves.  The number of openings and the spacing is given when you make these choices.  It’s very easy to design a station the way you want it configured.  By just clicking request a quote and a quote is prepared for you.  If questions are required to quote, we email them to you before quoting.


In most cases quoted mail sorting stations ship out in 48 hours after receipt of order. Click Here to try out our configurator.  You’ll save time and get the sorter of your choice quoted, ordered, and shipped in a few days.


At Charnstrom we take your mailroom needs very seriously.  We help you get it right the first time and every time.  We look forward to serving your needs.  Call us at 1-800-328-2962 for personal assistance or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com.


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Efficient mailroom design delivers mail to its destination accurately and on time for the lowest cost.  Over the past 50 plus years we’ve planned thousands of mail centers for many different organizations.  There are a number of ways to save space, time, and motion when it comes to mail handling.  We have dealt with many different types of facilities and company cultures.  Our free design service ensures that you’re getting the right workflow in your mail center.


Click this link http://www.charnstrom.com/design-gallery.php to have a look at our mailroom design gallery for mail handling and sorting ideas.  Be sure to take advantage of our free design service when designing your new mail center or mailroom re-configuration.  Get it right with Charnstrom mail handling furniture, carts, and accessories.  Contact Todd Nelson Today! … 800-328-2962.



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Organize your office with Charnstrom Forms and Literature storage cabinets.  Available in steel or laminate we can organize any area of your facility.  Wood cabinets come in a variety of colors to match any office decor’.  Offered in small desktop organizers and larger freestanding cabinets, all can be custom configured with adjustable horizontal shelves, vertical dividers, and security doors.  Optional shelf labels for identification come with Velcro, magnetic, or self-adhesive backing.

We will be happy to specify and draw your storage area for you.  Just call customer service or email your requirements to us at 1-800-328-2962 or email us at customerservice@charnstrom.com.

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Charnstrom| 5391 12th Ave E | Shakopee | MN | 55379-1896 | 800-328-2962

Charnstrom’s flexible shelf system is changeable and rich with features and benefits.  image004

  • Interchangeable shelf system design
  • 7 shelf sizes (4 widths and 3 depths)
  • Shelves adjust on ½” increments
  • 90 degree flange on each shelf for labeling
  • Thumb cut for faster document retrieval
  • Moveable shelf supports on ½” increments
  • Easy to install & easy to adjust shelves


  • Velcro, magnetic, or self adhesives label holders
  • Perforated write-on label sheets with every label
  • Printer-ready perforated label sheets
  • Quality plastic label will not yellow over time
  • Velcro & magnetic labels allow quick location changes


Charnstrom| 5391 12th Ave E | Shakopee | MN | 55379-1896